Essay on What Do You Know What 's I Am Felling?

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As Dr. McAndrew came in to check on Louis, Louis wanted to go up to him and ask him if he could see his wife.

“Can I ask you a question doc” Louis said.

“Sure you can ask me anything I know what you are feeling”.

“How do you know what 's I am felling”?

“Well Mr. Tomlinson I just do I have a wife once but we are no longer together and I can 't really see her anymore”.

“What do you mean”?

“She was in a hospital to once but they could not save her and she died of cancer I was so sad”.

“Oh I am so sorry” Louis said.

“Well anyways that’s was not my question, my question was can i see my wife if that’s ok with you”?

“Yes you can see her just for a little bit then we have to start on the second procedure”.

“Oh thank you so much”.

As Louis walked into the room that his wife was in his heart sank. He could not even imagination having to have to go through this point in life. He always felt bad for those who had to deal with this everyday of their lives. He could not picture that there was Amanda on a hospital bed with a bunch of stitches and tubes running through her body. Also, having to live on a life support machine for some time now.

How could this even happen to anybody he thought as he started to break down crying. All he wanted to see was his wife come alive. He prayed and prayed to hope everything was going to be good. Louis could not imagine his life without Amanda. His life would be torn apart. More than that his kids hearts would be broken their life…

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