What Do You Know The History Of The Island State Essay

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What do you know the history of the island state in the Caribbean, called St. Lucia? St. Lucia is only 27 miles long and has a width of a short 14 miles and the capital and major port is Castries, but who lived on the island and why were Europeans interested in it? What was life like for the people on St. Lucia before, during, and after the British empire had ruled and how indigenous systems have changed since the island won its independence from the British. The Arawak were the earliest know people on St. Lucia. It is believed that the Arawak had travelled to St. Lucia, by boat, from South America somewhere between 200-400 AD (iexplore.com). The Arawak had lived on the island until the Caribs started to take over the island around 800 and 1000 AD. The Carib people had dominated the Caribbean Islands and they are from which the region’s name is originates. The French buccaneer Francois le Clerc, better known as Wooden Leg or Peg-Leg le Clerc, set up camp on Pigeon Island in 1550’s. Around the 1600’s, the Dutch came and established a fort at Vieux. In 1605; “An unfortunate party of English colonists, headed to Guyana on the good ship Olive Branch, landed on St. Lucia after having been blown off course. In all, sixty-seven colonists waded ashore, where they purchased land and huts from the resident Caribs. After a month, the party had been reduced to only nineteen, and those were soon forced to flee from the Caribs in a canoe” (Geographia.com). the British’s second…

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