What Do You Hope? Essay

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What do you hope to accomplish Malala?
When Malala was asked about her goals, her response was; “I am hoping through the Malala Fund we will be doing more projects and reaching more suffering countries where children have no access to education. We want to do work on the ground and we want to spread the importance of education to people and children in the communities, to help them realize how important education is for their generation. Also, doing work on the ground, like building schools and making sure that there are qualified teachers in those schools, that there are facilities for the students.” (Page 11) The answer that Malala gave, shows incredible strength to make significant change to societies that have repressed women from being educated and having a voice for generations.
In 1979 the Russians invaded Afghanistan and many fled to Pakistan. They were allowed to stay by General Ziaulhaq. Osama Bin Laden volunteered to fight on behalf of the general. General Zia encouraged violence and ‘jihad’ which means ‘struggle.’ In 1988 Benazir Bhitto became the first female prime minister in the Islamic World. She also became Malala’s influence while growing up. In 2007 she was assassinated, when Malala was ten. After 9/11/2001, Osama Bin Laden hid in Pakistan. The American government gave billions of dollars to Pakistan, to aid in finding Osama. The Pakistan army turned against the US and joined the Taliban. A major earthquake happened in 2005, resulting in SWAT…

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