What Do You Get If You Cross Pig With A Dinosaur? Jurassic Pork !

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What do you get if you cross a pig with a dinosaur? Jurassic Pork! (jokes4us.com) Most people in the world today do not realize how much they impact the ecosystem. Some people do not even have the knowledge about the ecosystem and how it affects the world we live in, and then there are those people that just do not care about the ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community of animals, people, and plants that interact with one another and their physical environment. One type of ecosystem that we take for granted is animals. Many animals are becoming extinct as the years go by.
As I briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, an ecosystem is a worldwide community where people, plants, animals interact with one another in their physical environment. There are many ecosystems including soil, water, plants, animals, humans, and other nutrients. Water is the most critical resource to sustaining life. Soil acts as a core supporter of life on the planet and without soil and water humans and animals could not exist on Earth. Forests are covered with plants and cover more than twenty-five percent of ice-free land, also forest acts as a stabilizer of soil. Plant and animal life impact natural ecosystems, and are continually going extinct.
Humans have the prime impact on ecosystems, and are constantly destroying the ecosystem. Humans take the ecosystem for granted and do not even realize the situation. They disturb the ecosystems by population growth and over consumption. In 2011 the…

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