What Do You Get For Your Money? Essay

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When it comes to training, Elliot Hulse says that he gets the same questions over and over again, and they are usually about plateaus. He also says that the problem lies within the fact that people are getting overexposed to various training and diet methods, and when they try to add in various elements from what they hear, their results slow down.

Elliot has been doing the same program for over 20 years, and his body is proof that it works. He calls the program the 5x5 program. His uncle introduced it to him and, even though he 's been introduced to many other methods throughout the years, he has stuck to the one program that works. In fact, he says that nothing he has found has come anywhere near his method of training, which is why he is introducing the Advanced 5x5 program to the public.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get an optimized system according to what Elliot knows works to build up to 40 pounds of muscle in one year. The types of exercise, exactly how to do them, the days to do them on, the order to do them in, how long to rest, where to put your feet when squatting, and much more.

Even bodybuilders will benefit from this program and get insight into how to activate the two type of hypertrophy required for your already big and functional muscles.

You will learn things that Elliot teaches his clients in his gym every day, such as:

- How to grow muscle without doing a ton of reps

- Take your current strength to the next level

- When you should push…

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