What Do You Feel Is The New Social Contract? Essays

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1. What do you feel is the "new social contract" between employers and employees?
As all workplaces and employers differ with the social contract. Singh (2009) explains the shift of the old social contract to the new social contract. This helps employee’s transition with different experiences. Singh (2009) writes, “Employment/Social contracts typically lay out the wages, bonuses, vacations, medical leaves, stock options and other benefits and compensations that the employee receives for fulfilling his obligations to the employer” (p. 2). I believe that the “new social contract” between employees and employers is giving the employer the right to work off of the clock. In today’s society, individual’s can work from home. Technology gives us different ways when we are working off of the Internet. Having security is important because the individual wants to have security and a sense of freedom as well.

2. Do you feel it is effective and "fair" to use employees as brand ambassadors?
I believe that using employees as brand ambassadors can be beneficial; however, I do not believe that it should be a requirement. I feel that the employee can make his/her own decision on whether or not they want to be a brand ambassador. For example, I work at a community college, I see many students put in their full 110%, but there are many that just don’t care. I believe that it is effective to use employees as brand ambassadors because the brand and its ambassadors are a partnership. That…

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