What Do You Do Now? Essay

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So, it 's been determined that your depressed. This could be done through a number of ways: you 've been to a psychiatrist or psychologist, you 've seen yourself in one of those depression commercials with the sad music and people sinking into the background, or you just find it hard to smile. First, welcome onboard and join the rest of us hiding behind the bookshelf. Secondly, what do you do now? If you are like me, you could have opted to try talking first before going to medicine. If talking doesn 't work (which I don 't think will with me), or you just want to take a pill and smile, then you have the choice of different pills to take. However, which one do you take since all of them have a list of side effects that are longer than the negative feelings you 're experiencing. So, you could take pill A and no longer have depression but be a constipated, overweight overeating, nauseous person with no sex drive. Sounds like fun right? Well, here 's a list of some alternatives to normal medicine that may help and have little to no side effects. St. John 's Wort- St. John 's Wort is one of the most popular over the counter alternative anti-depression medicines. However, you have to make sure (much like a drug addict) that you have the 'pure ' stuff. According to amoryn.com, you have to make sure that your St. John 's Wort contains at least three to five percent of an ingredient that is called hyperforin. If it has at least that amount, it will be effective in treating your…

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