Essay about What Do You Do If You Are Second?

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When a brand becomes predominant in the market others try to emulate the leader (de Chernatony et al. 2011: 353). The competition assumes that their idea or strategy is right, so they imitate it with the goal of improving it- making it better (Reis 2014 11-12). However, better is a difficult concept to communicate to consumers and it does not always work (Reis 2014 11-12). Better, is a perception, as in asking if Coke taste better than Pepsi (Reis 2014 11-12)? The belief that something is better is a subjective judgment, a perception that exists in the minds of the observer, (Reis and Trout 1993: 22-24) the consumer. Therefore, if you did not capture the market first with a product or service, what do you do if you are second (Reis 2014 11-12)? As successors in the market category, the aim is to exaggerate the difference between products, do the opposite so that consumers will perceive differentiation (Reis 2014 11-12). That difference also consitiutes under brand systems theory creating a its own unique “identity system constructed from the “integrated facets of culture, personality, self-projection, physique, reflection and relationship (de Chernatony and Dall’Olmo Riley 1998: 419). In essence, brand identity amplfies differention, fuels recognition, makes ideas and meanings accessible, (Wheeler 2009: 4) is tangible (i.e. performance, form, design color) and provides sensory experience (Kapferer 2004: 246-248; Wheeler 2009: 4). Design is important element of identity as it…

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