What Do You Consider Are the Most Important Strategic Challenges for Today’s Hr Practitioners Operating in Multi- or Transnational Companies?

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Question 1:
What do you consider are the most important strategic challenges for today’s HR practitioners operating in multi- or transnational companies? Critically discuss your position drawing on ideas and arguments raised during the semester and with reference to a brief example from industry.

Nowadays, with the increased level of globalization and advance in technology, new markets and international business have grown dramatically in the whole world. As a consequence, firms are now experiencing fierce competition at both national and international level. Under this circumstance, today’s HR practitioners are encountering several strategic challenges when operating in multinational and transnational
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There are many ways that could be done in respect of CSR. For example, firstly, HR practitioners must be aware that HR department plays a significant role to educate their enterprise the importance and their responsibility of CSR, be able to provide cross-border guidance and implementing CSR practices to business where they operated. According to Nancy, R, L (2004), “HR practitioners can influence three primary standards of CSR-ethics, employment practices and community involvement, which relate either directly or indirectly to employees”. These could involve several parts of CSR initiatives such as human rights practices (fair labor practices), offering competitive benefits to competing with local other business, diversity programs care, and protecting the local natural resources and environment. There are lots of things which HR practitioners could do to purse these CSR initiatives. For example, donating and sponsoring money to communities, creating green and recycle products to protect the local environment, selecting and recruiting employees to follow the precepts to compliance with local laws, together with local government to foster a friendly society environment for better place to live and doing business.

Case Study:

According to the Coca Cola Company (2012), the Coca-Cola Company has made "The World's Best Multinational Workplaces to work" based on the work environments and practices of Coca-Cola

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