Essay about What Do You Boys Think?

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On the way to school Mom gets a message and has Nix read it aloud to her while she drives.
Maria was fired. You want her shift tonight? -Paula
"What do you boys think?" Mom asks.
"If you want it, go for it," Nix says, closing her phone and dropping it on top of her purse.
"Will you be able to find a ride home from school?" She asks, pulling into Sultana 's drop off zone. My shoulders sag. I hate it when this happens.
"I don 't have a game today, so I can take the bus," Nix says, grabbing his notebook from the floor in front of him. I don 't have it so easy, I still have work after school.
"Liam, what about you?" Mom asks looking at me through the rear view mirror. Her eyes wrinkle sadly when she sees me.
"Sure," I say, before she can decide not to take the shift. The only person I know who might still be around after school is Ben, and I 'm not exactly in the mood to be asking anyone favors right now. I 'll just walk home.
Nix hops out of the front seat, but Mom reaches back, her hand gently stopping me.
"Liam, I don 't have to take the shift."
"Mom, I 'll be fine," I say, trying to act positive. I hop out of the car before she can debate it any more. Nix is already heading off across campus. I walk slowly, allowing the distance between us to grow. I shift uncomfortably under my backpack. Apparently I 've grown since the last time I used it. It 's sitting too high on my back and the shoebox inside feels sharp and unnatural against my spine. I can 't help but notice the…

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