What Do We Mean When We Think About Computer Security? Essay

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Analysis Paper

What do we mean when we talk/think about computer security? It is very difficult to define computer security because of its broad term and cannot be defined properly. Generally, security means prevention from some danger. In the context of computer security, security means protection against unauthorized access or alteration of confidential information. Today computers tend to know much more than us. They are taking most of our life decisions. For instance, which route to take to reach office as soon as possible. We are dependent on computers for most of our life decisions. Now the question arises, is our information secure. Can we trust the service provider for the information that we supply to him? As seen in the TED talk ‘The currency of the new economy is trust’, trust is the basis of everything. When we book a flight, book a hotel, buy something online etc, we are trusting the service provider in a one or another way. As in the TED talk, how the number of Airbnb hosts increased in 4 years in Paris. Now almost every other house on the streets of Paris is an Airbnb host. This is trust, people are relying on the website that the place where we are going to stay will be safe and the owner will not kill us/ rob us or something like that. Virtual trust transforms the way we trust each other face to face. The era of computing is bringing back all the values that are hard wired inside us like sharing, using barter system etc. (Rachel Botsman, TED talk).…

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