What Do We Know About Time? Essay

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What do we really know about time?
Time never stops and with each tick of the clock you are either one click closer or further to obtaining your goals. Time is a unique and precious resource that you need in order to do your work, accomplish your goals, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy everything that life has to offer. The amazing thing is we all get the same amount of time each day and some people do so much more with the gift of time they receive. The non-achievers just comfortably sit in there state of complacency, while time quickly drips by like a leaky faucet that can’t be plugged. With proper time management you may not be able to stop time, but you can take control of how time works for you and how it’s spent.
Time is always moving and we all have 24hrs in a day. If you break it down we live 86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes or 24 hours in a day. That’s 168 hours a week, 720 hours per month, 8640 hours per year and 87,600 hours per decade. If you waste just one hour a day for the next 10 years, you would have wasted 3,650 hours which is over 5 months and let’s face it, most of us waste more then one hour a day. Don’t get me wrong it is good to take time for recreation because we can use recreation to re-create who we are and rejuvenate from stress. It’s the mind numbing activities such as spending hours a day watching TV or surfing the internet that have little purpose and are not a true form of recreation.
Believe you a great time manager
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