Essay on What Do They Say About Us?

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What does that thing mean? Why is it this thing so important? When looking at art or trying to find meaning within oneself one is often driven by, either a curiosity for understanding or by their desire to uncover a meaning, and to explore their own personal analyses and theories. Sigmund Freud 's theories often bank heavily upon the interpretation of dreams. What do they mean? What is their purpose? What do they say about us? Using his interpretation to pull psychoanalytical significance from their confusing narratives, he would examine the dream by isolating certain elements and trying to find meaning in each segmented part. In Freud 's work interpretation plays a key role in understanding meaning, however Susan Sontag in her essay Against Interpretation challenges this idea and argues, “ interpretation must itself be evaluated.” She believes that the process fractures the overall purpose and closes to many doors for later possibility. While opposite of each other neither of the two theories are holey wrong, they are simply two parts of a single movement towards an enlightenment of interpretation. When both sides of the argument over what value interpretation holds are taken into consideration, it can find balance. Between Sontag’s theory, Freud’s theory, and the evolving form of interpretation, a sandwich is made: Freud being the peanut butter, Sontag the jelly, and interpretation being the entire sandwich.
In Against Interpretation, Sontag starts off with the seeming…

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