Essay on What Do The Word Consciousness Mean?

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What do the word consciousness mean? The word consciousness can be defined from the dictionary as subjective experience of perceiving oneself and one’s surroundings. However, psychology do not have a logical definition for the word consciousness. Psychology said that consciousness is occasionally confused with the conscience. Your conscious does not stay in one place but it’s changing every second. This may seem like a chaos but it actually happens very smoothly and easily. William James, an American psychologist, compared consciousness to a stream; how it shifted and changed. He did this my using the method called introspection. say that introspection can be defined as examining our own internal thoughts and feelings. This process is one of the very most subjective process but it’s very helpful for those who are studying consciousness. When we do something, we have to have energy to do it. This is where circadian rhythm falls in. Circadian rhythm is the fluctuations of energy levels which play an important part in human consciousness. It’s a 24-hour timetable and all species have this. Our energy usually is higher during the day and run-down at the end of the day. Our body has several body clocks and those two clocks are called the mental alertness and physical strength. The mental alertness happens twice a day during 9AM and 9PM. However, the physical strength happens at around 11AM and 7PM. Over 20,000 neurons in the…

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