What Do The Terms, Disability, And Inclusion? Essay

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1. What do the terms “disability” and “inclusion” mean to you?
-Disability is referred to as a physical or mental condition that limits a person 's movements, senses, or activities. Not everyone is born with a disability some are developed through health problems or accidents. There are moderate, mild, to serve cases of disabilities. Every person with a disability does not have to be accompanied by an additional person.
-Inclusion is the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. In relations to the educational aspects it is when certain students are placed in regular classrooms for a sense of equality and exposure. Mainstreaming, inclusion and full inclusion are three levels of incorporating students into the classroom.

2. Do you or a family member have a disability? How has it affected your life?
-Yes, I have a family member who has autism. She is 26 years and is well known in the family. This has affected the family because accommodations are made at family functions for her. For instance certain sound and noises cannot be made, accessible ramps and there must be someone with her at all times if her parents are not around at the moment. In the movie the family could still do normal thing just with some exceptions. His brother still played with him just has boys would do.

3. Do you think that children with physical, emotional and neurological disabilities should go to regular schools and be full-time members of regular education…

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