What Do Nurses Go Anyway? Essays

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In my 17 years of life, I’ve had many experiences, good and bad. The one that has been the best, and most influential in my life so far is my fall 2015 CNA class. I did not want to take this class, at all. My dad however thought it would be a good idea for me to do so. His mother was a nurse, and he thought it was a great profession to go into. I signed up for the class, thinking it was a waste of my time. Nursing, bleh. I thought “What do nurses go anyway? They 're just glorified doctor 's assistants,” boy was I wrong.

The first few weeks of my class were filled with bookwork, and I loved it. I’ve always been intrigued by medical studies, but did not think to do anything with it. I never found myself bored in that class. Everything came natural to me, and I managed to maintain the highest grade point average in the class throughout the whole semester. Retaining the information was easy because I was so interested by everything we were going over. If I could go back and learn about medical stuff all day, I would do it in a heartbeat. After we finished the majority of our book work, we started clinicals.

I was scared. Clinicals were something I dreaded all semester. Working in a nursing home? No thank you. Horrible stories my nana told me from her time worked in a nursing home filled my head. When I stepped foot into Heritage Hall, I was greeted by an old lady in a wheelchair. She had on a purple sequined shirt, a gold sparkly headband, and blue jeans. I could tell this…

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