What Do Men And Women Expect Of Modern Marriage? Essay

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According to the readings from our text, and our discussions in class, what do men and women expect of modern marriage?
Before Marriage
Before discussing marriage, I felt that it was important to touch upon childhood experiences, as well as relationships that lead up to marriages, and what essentially shapes our idea of marriage. From the time we are children attending school and beginning to interact with the opposite sex, we were taught that if boys were mean to you, that means he likes you. That is to say, that from day one, we are giving men this hidden power over us females (Waiting to be Asked). These experiences shape our idea of men’s actions (and how those actions are deemed acceptable) throughout relationships within our lives, leading up to marriage. While relationships emerge, the man in the relationship (of a heterosexual couple) tends to determine the status of the relationship, and decides if “it’s the right time” to date or not (Waiting to be asked). Us, as women, tend to expect this hidden power from the men – we expect that they will initiate the relationship by asking us on a date, making the first move to kiss us, and then determining whether the label “boyfriend/girlfriend/dating” will be attached to this relationship or not. Furthermore, in more serious relationships, it is typically expected that men propose to the woman. In fact, most of the male subjects in the chapter Waiting to be Asked, explained that they would laugh at the woman if she had…

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