Essay on What Do I Stand For?

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What Do I Stand For? Abraham Maslow proposed a pattern of human motivations that develop through growth. He talks about how people must satisfy certain needs/wants before they can achieve the highest level of motivation, self actualization. This term means that we reach our full potential as humans by acceptance of facts, concern with others problems, open with their lives, independent, and having a continuous appreciation for the world. Self actualization is something that you cannot achieve without moving through Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs. These needs include: physiological, safety, love/belonging, and esteem. I strive first to achieve self actualization then help my family, friends, community, and possibly the world to have an opportunity at acquiring self actualization too.
Growing up I have always wanted to help someone but didn 't know how. Not until I hit the age of about fifteen did I hear about Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs. I then realized my part in the world. I wanted to help people climb the steps of needs to have an opportunity to reach self actualization. In order to do this, I need to get there myself. I then Joined a leadership program, Elite Soccer Community Organization "ESCO" because this would help me get through the stage of esteem which includes high self esteem, confidence, achievement, and earning respect from people. This organization aims to teach the the qualities of a leader through five levels of leadership. They include: self…

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