What Do I Do When Pursuing A Career? Essay

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What do I need to do when pursuing a career? How do I execute a job search? What can I do to prepare for an interview? What skills do I need to improve upon being hired? The Colorado State University Global Campus (CSU-Global) student career center has the resources to answer these important career-related questions. The CSU-Global career center offers guidance through the process of finding a career, landing a job, and maintaining your position. Although mapping a career plan can be overwhelming, the CSU-Global career center set manageable goals to help you progress toward your objectives.
Career Center Resources
The three major resources that the CSU-Global career center offer in helping students succeed are: finding a job, landing a job, and keeping a job. Resources under finding a job, describe ways to help students develop and improve their skill set. In addition, job searching tips and strategies allow students to set manageable goals and the tools to search for a job. Furthermore, the CSU-Global career center’s finding a job section offer the blueprint to build an effective resume and cover letter. The landing a job option in the student career center offer preparation techniques for a job interview and follow up advices to help an individual consider if the job offer is fitting for him or her. Upon landing the job, the career center provides a student the necessary skills to succeed in his or her position. This part of the career center offers knowledgeable…

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