What Differentiates Between High School Writing And College Writing?

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It might be a good idea to read, Are You Ready for College Writing?, for new college students, or soon-to-be college students. This blog, written by Kimberly Joki, first appeared on Grammarly.com on August 30, 2015. The blog is meant to inform readers about what differentiates between high school writing and college writing. So far in my two semesters of college I have experienced the differences of the two writing styles such as more critical thinking, having credible sources, and using correct grammar. Due to this I believe I can answer that I am ready for college writing. The first three paragraphs of the blog are breaking the ice for the argument of high school writing readiness versus college writing readiness. Even if a student was a stand out student in high school, Joki thinks they still might not be as prepared as they should be for the new challenges they will face in college. When I read this I think Joki means that just because one has had success in school it does not mean their writing will correlate to what professors want in college. In my own experiences I believe she is right because when I first started in college at MATC in Madison I found out very quickly that I needed to change my style of writing. I could no longer just use a simple template to receive the grades that I received in high school. The next point Joki brings up is that the writing structure that was drilled into students’ brains in high school, can hold them back in college. The…

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