What Differences Does Procopius See Between Ficial And Secret History?

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What differences does Procopius see between the official and Secret History? Justinian during the reign of the Byzantium empire he had Procopius writing about him and about his government. Procopius had access to a lot of the fights that justinian fought therefore he had information from first hand and he was able to write about Justinian life. Procopius did a really good job during his life, he was the only historian who was able to write information about the Byzantium empire that it was true. he wrote about how Justinian was as an emperor he almost picture him as a hero. Procopius wrote about how much Justinian wanted to do to restore the roman empire. Procopius was able to publish another book called the secret history but it wasn 't until his death after the 1600th he writes about how whether in the secret history he writes about how Justinian government was bad and almost as if he was mad at justinian. this secret history was one of Procopius must read works, people started to question Justinian government.
How can we trust his accounts as accurate? I believe we can trust Procopius secret history because i believe that this secret history is something that he always wanted people to tell. I believe that the fact that this secret history was publish after he was death gives us the idea that he really feared for his life and for what would had come or happen to him when Justinian find out what he wrote about his government and about Theodora. “ If I had, their hordes…

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