What Did You Think About The Experience And Point Of The Video?

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1. What did you think of the experience and point of the video?
On the Main Point:
The main purpose of the exercise Jane Elliot conducted in the Blue Eye/Brown Eye video was to demonstrate the impacts and nature of racial discrimination. I believe that this is a very important concept to learn for individuals that have never experienced or do not believe such blatant acts of prejudice exist. At the same time, I do not believe that this point alone has any form of long lasting value, emotionally or logically.
The reason being, after the experience ended, ways to implement the recently learned concepts were not provided. Granted, some dialogue on how people wanted to be treated and potentially better ways to interact were covered, but how does this progress to the next stage of solving the issue? This lack of follow up on how to execute upon the learned concepts made me think that only half the matter of discrimination was addressed.

My Experience:
For most of the video I went over scenarios in my head of how I would react in similar situations or what I might do if I came across such a situation. Using my reflection as the basis of my experience, listening to and observing the interactions between individuals the video left me feeling conflicted. While the message it sent was loud and clear, I sometimes felt as if the approach instilled too much of an effect opposite to what the point was trying to accomplish. At the same time, feeling a sense of animosity towards…

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