What Did You Learn? Essay

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Exam 5
What did you learn? One of the first things that I learned in this class was how to avoid getting chalk thrown at me. The second thing I learned was, (what is social stratification and what it does for us.) Social Stratification is basically the unequal distribution of resources amongst a society, where the upper class has more rewards than the bottom class. I learned where social stratification stems from: Although the social class you are born into has a significant weight on what social class you are in, it’s not the only determining factor. Other key factors include income, investment capital, skill capital, social capital, economic power, political power, and social power. The amount of power an individual has is reflected by the amount of capital he or she may have. In other words, the higher the overall capital and power an individual has the higher they are on the double-diamond structure. The double-diamond structure is split into two separate diamonds: the smaller diamond is connected to the top of a larger diamond. The smaller diamond represents the privileged class which makes up 20% of all Americans, while the larger diamond is considered the new working class and makes up the remaining 80% of Americans.
I learned why social stratification still persist: according to the functionalist theorist David Moore, social stratification is in place because of the inequality among individuals that society has placed on one another. It allows society to function…

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