What Did You Learn Today? Essay

1441 Words May 18th, 2016 6 Pages
“What did you learn today?”
Coming home from my first day of preschool, I recall my parents asking me that renowned question. I cannot, however, recall what I said to them or anything I learned that day.
More than eleven years later, I could organize a list to explain each subject, every topic we covered that day, and all of the information that I memorized, but this ordinary explanation would not include everything that I learned. Having a standard public school education, I look back on my years of experience with this system and acknowledge that it has shaped me to be someone who is more accepting, understanding, and down-to-earth simply by exposing me to so many people who each contain a lifetime of stories. I love to see people who overflow with personality as I walk down the hallway: the girls and boys who wear as much makeup as they want and rock it, girls who never wear makeup and embrace their natural looks, those who wake up extra early to look nice, those who have hair that’s every color of the rainbow, and those who dress in clothes that excite themselves with no regard to what others think. However, the jeers from the more mainstream groups of students directed towards these eccentric kids cause me to reconsider what kind of environment the school promotes, fosters, and enforces in this educational building.
Do you have all A 's and an overly challenging class load? Are your standardized test scores high enough? Are your clothes too distracting for the…

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