Essay about What Did You Learn About Teaching From The School

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1A. What did you learn about teaching from the school, in which you were placed?
Learning: I learned from teaching at Jim Allen Elementary School is all the teachers are willing to help each other. They work together as a team. The administrative staff all care about each child 's education. If students have a home life problem the teachers and school administrators, will try to help resolve the situation for the student.
Explanation: The students are having problems at home, the faculty and administration try and help the student. For example, there is a student whose family is living in a hotel right now and the student does not have a bus stop. So the school has made an arrangement with a bus that will pick up the student at five-thirty in the morning. The bus driver will drop them off after her route in the afternoon at five. The school has made arrangements in order for this student to still able to come to school. Another example is when we had the epidemic in the class where everyone 's tooth was hurting. The clinic staff was very patient with our students and would see them even though there was nothing wrong with the students.
1B. What did you learn about teaching from the teacher, with which you were placed?
Learning: What I learned from my supervising teacher Mrs. Fellgren at Jim Allen Elementary School- That even with the best lesson plan, flexibility is the key to teaching. I learned how she managed her classrooms behavior. The students know when they…

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