Essay on What Did You Choose? And Why?

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What did you choose? And why?
My addiction, I chose to give up for two weeks is watching cable and Netflix. The reason why I decided to give up cable and Netflix is because I have become very addicted to my shows. I would say, I’m more addicted to Netflix than I am to cable television. I figured I had to give up both since they are both similar. What I love about Netflix is I can sit there for hours and watch uninterrupted episode after episode. On cable I can digitally video record my shows. (DVR) That’s the greatest part of having cable, you can record all your shows so you never miss an episode and can skip all the boring commercials.
What feelings came up for you during the period of abstinence?
The feelings that came up was that I thought I was missing out on something. I hated that every time I went on social media sites I saw posts about my shows. I was worried that someone would spoil the show for me, before I got to watch that episode. I also felt off, because watching my shows was a huge part of my daily routine. Watching my shows gives me a way to relax and unwind from everyday activities. Originally starting out I figured two weeks no cable or Netflix I could handle that no problem. I have given up harder addictions in my past, so television would be easy. I was definitely wrong about it being easy. When I first started recovery I was in the pre-contemplation stage. I denied there was a problem.
What physical symptoms did you experience? How did you cope with…

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