Essay on What Did This Activity Involve You Doing?

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Research Planning

What did this activity involve you doing?
This mind map involved me creating a visual map of the key concepts and main ideas of netball. This meant choosing subheadings that were areas of netball that are important or areas that interest me. I chose 10 subheadings these were Coaching, Training, Fitness, Diet, Fitness Components in Netball, Income, Positions, Jobs, reaching a professional level and also Umpiring. This task then involved me adding to each subheading to narrow my research to a more precise topic and question. I found the process of narrowing down hard and it lead to me not completing this mind map, the topic of netball then came to a dead end and I decided to change my topic from netball to sport. How did it advance your planning?
Through creating my mind map on netball I discovered that my planning was not advancing. I realised that creating a question about netball was difficult and I would not be able to create a question that would be both interesting and also have readily available answers and information. So I decided that I would no longer do my research on netball.

What was the outcome of this activity?
The outcome of this mind map was that I decided I no longer wanted to complete my research on netball. I realise through this planning that my research and ideas had come to a stop, and narrowing down my topic would be difficult. The outcome was that I will change my research topic and create another mind map on a different…

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