What Did The Market Revolution Between 1800-1840 Was All About?

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Entry 1
What did the Market Revolution between 1800-1840 was all about? After winning the presidential elections in 1800, President Jefferson was determined to secure the nation and develop the market. He initiated improvements in roads, railroads, and canals. Consequently, the development in cotton kingdom led to the rise of the West as a powerful nation. The slavery trade also improved and became more organized. The revolution was also characterized by the growth of Chicago and Cincinnati cities. In 1814, the first large-scale factory was established in Waltham, Massachusetts. The economic improvements led to an influx of immigrants and traders in the major cities, and nativism due to the conflicts. Transformation Laws were implemented to control business and peace in the West. Additionally, the religion also improved as people celebrated self-improvement, self-determination, and self-reliance.
Entry 2
What did the Democracy in America consist of between 1815-1840? Democracy was associated with the abolition of the property requirement for a person to vote. Blacks, however, were still considered as group apart, stereotyped, and not allowed to vote. The American freedom system was characterized with the establishment of a national bank by President Madison in 1815. However, democracy also sparked the formation of political parties, which caused wars between the United States and the Latin American. On the fear that Spain would also regain power to recolonize its states, the…

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