Essay about What Did I Chose Five?

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1. I chose 5 as to what extent I enjoy reading. I chose five because I like to read books that relate to me, are interesting, and end with cliffhangers. I have been reading ever since I was young. Yet, I have not always enjoyed reading because some of the story I have read just didn’t make sense and the author stumped me. People learn in different ways. I am a visual learner so I learn best when I am able to see how I need to solve the problem. So whenever I read I just couldn’t understand what the author was trying to say and how the characters felt.

2. I chose 3 as to what extent I enjoy writing. I chose three because I have always loved to write and always had ideas popping out of my head. I could have wrote about anything for days on, but my grammar was terrible. My teachers would also talk about how to make your sentences better using the correct grammar. Well, I didn’t get it because so of the things there were talking about didn’t make sense.

3. I chose 2 or 3 as to what extend I enjoyed my past English-Literature class. I chose two or three because I have always loved english. I like the projects we have done in years past and everything the teacher did when it came to english, but grammar. Last year, I had my cousin Mrs, Todd as my teacher, I thought english was going to be the best because my cousin was teaching. It was my worst year of english. Despite my struggle with grammar, I had the hardest time with grades. Her whole system was off. Somehow, the tests…

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