What Did Ferris Do About Success? Essay

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What did Ferris do that contributed to that success?
Neil Ferris work experience in high technology industry and startup companies helped him in successfully running another IT startup company Giganet. He co-founded Apollo Computers and Fluent, Inc. both successful in the industry, but due to the egoism, Apollo fell and since unable to create adequate demand for its technology Fluent fallen. These failures gave a good experience to Ferris.
Mike Lazaridis stated innovation is like professional sports: It looks easy, but when you 're on the field, you see how complicated and difficult it is. To me, the key is building conviction. I tell people, don 't worry about your job. Find individuals who can do it better than you. Apollo became a leader in high-performance graphical workstations used for engineering and computer-aided design (CAD). Apollo thought its customers never leave them and when a customer wants to negotiate for a better deal management didn’t agree. Also, they sold too much to too few customers. This mistake allowed customers show their power over Apollo. Then, was hired the wrong CEO, who is not willing to teach.
Ferris also co-founded Fluent Inc. a multimedia company. But the customers for Fluent were very less and to get advanced technology and attract customers takes five more years. Novell bought Fluent for $17.5 million. Ferris joined Netscheme Solutions Inc. as CEO. Due to liquidity problems Netscheme was sold to Actuate Software. Innovators keep seeing…

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