What Determines A Legendary Character? Why Are They So Special?

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What determines a legendary character? Why are they so special? Why are they still talked about to this day? These are the many questions people ask when reading about Arthurian legends in literature. There are many legendary characters that stand out throughout Great Britain 's history; however, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Percivale, and Sir Gawain show what it truly means to be a noble knight. All of the legendary characters have different legends and characteristics that stand for something that has a purpose or reason to why classes still find them important to learn about to this day. To start with, the notable King Arthur was by far the most influential legendary character of all time. He had many knights that were underneath him that were very significant as well; however, if King Arthur had not pulled Excalibur from the stone, most his noble knights underneath him would not have been remembered for their courageous deeds. Everything revolves around Arthur himself (Barber, 1999). Furthermore, a little background on Excalibur the sword, it was not just an ordinary sword, it had magical powers. King Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father, had Excalibur in his possession for quite some time. However, Uther was a ruthless, malicious man who wanted absolute power and would stop at nothing to get it. Sooner or later, this caught up to him and he ended up passing. Right before he dwindled away to die, he stuck the sword in the stone. The legend has it that the…

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