What Could You Do With That Kind Of Money? Essay

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$40,000, what could you do with that kind of money? How about giving it away to a list of people in a different situation who all desperately need it. However, there is a catch; you can only choose one to help? In this scenario, there are 10 different situations (listed below) who need the $40,000 to make any kind of difference, and only one situation will receive the assistance. This is one type of dilemma a social worker could face daily. Therefore, in the dilemma I would choose my 60-year-old father who needs a heart transplant because this dilemma does not specify where this amount the money came from?
1. A premature infant (born 3 months early) who needs to be maintained in an incubator and receive medical benefits.
2. A 52-year-old man who needs a heart transplant in order to survive.
3. Your 60-year-old father who needs a heart transplant.
4. A 5-year-old child who is HIV positive.
5. You, who have recently graduated and been out of work for six months.
6. A divorced single mother with three children, a tenth-grade education, and nothing but the clothes on her back.
7. A person who has a cognitive disability (mentally challenged) who needs the money to live in a group home with others who have similar disabilities.
8. A 14-year-old runaway addicted to cocaine and alcohol, who have been prostituting herself to survive and needs the money to enter a drug treatment program.
9. A convicted child sexual abuser who was himself sexually abused…

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