What Cost Does Humanity Pay For The Advancements Of Beauty And Health?

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At what cost does humanity pay for the advancements in beauty and health? Every year the United States alone is responsible for a hundred million casualties in many animals due to the use of animal experimentation. This form of experimentation has been the bases of scientific research for many decades, even though, it may not be the most ethical way to discover new medical and cosmetic advancements. While they are taking advantage of their beauty products and vaccines, many lives are lost trying to perfect product for human consumption. The cost of perfecting such items is costly not for humans at least but for the animals that have to undergo so much suffering just to make another pill, medication, cream, etc. Animal testing, also known as the, “process of using live animals in order to gain vital biological and disease related research, then examining the results to create safe medicinal or cosmological products for human usage”, according to Humane Society International. This method of experimentation has been a part of biomedical research ever since 384 BC by early scientists named Aristotle, Erasistratus, and Galen (Hajar). These earlier scientists would perform dissections of living animals in order to see how the organ system and other functions inside the bodywork. Ever since then humans have this misconception that in order to make progress in medicine and cosmetology they have to experiment on animals. Many attempts have been made in order to protect animals such…

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