What Corporate America Can T Build: A Sentence Analysis

What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence Image and finance are major aspects any business needs to keep control of to be able to be successful and achieve greatness for the company. However, one small issue not addressed or even notice could hinder any business to progress forward. In Sam Dillon’s article “What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence”, the author addresses that big businesses are spending large amounts of money on remedial training for their employees which has negatively affected them both financially and visually.Given that the article was published in the New York Times, it is assumed, Dillon is reaching out to big business owners because they are the ones who are spending such money and having a misinterpretation …show more content…
In the article, Dillon says that “ some $2.9 billion of the $3.1 billion… corporations spend each year on remedial training goes to help current employees, with the rest spent on new hires” (Dillon 416). This information gives insight that remedial training is not only being payed for current employees but as well for future employees of the company. This makes the company realize that they are spending more and more money in hopes of solving their issue; however, they need to readjust their plan of fixing the issue since their current plan may not be the best. They can readjust their problem by starting from the very beginning because inadequate new employees have been added to the problem and the spending for the company. The idea of spending $3.1 billion on just remedial training can make business realize that the company is actually suffering and reconsider who they are actually hiring. While companies are affected financially, they as well are through miscommunications with other companies that are tied with them or are future relations. Dillon mentions that “ millions of inscrutable email messages are clogging corporate computers by setting off request for clarification… resulting in whole cycles of confusion”(Dillon 416) which will hurt the company 's reputation. This gives insight to the company that many of those inadequate employs are causing confusion and improper communication between other companies. This is bad for a company especially since they want to grow and become successful with many connections . Companies need to realize that they need to address this issue because these employees will begin to damage many connections they had with other businesses both big and small. These employees will not just ruin current connections with other but as well hold back any future

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