What Classifies As Religion?

What classifies as religion? As everyone knows, our modern world consists of many religions such as Christianity, Judaism, African Traditional, Islam, and many more. These religions all are considered majorly different, however they also share some similar beliefs. Beliefs concerning an omnipotent powerful being are present within the following religions: Christianity, Judaism, African Traditional, and Islam. The main ideas of religion pertain to the idea of an omnipotent being, the celebrations, mystical experience, faith and reason, the problem of evil, miracles, and life after death. The idea of an omnipotent being exist within the religions communities discussed. Monotheistic is the description what the religions who believe in this powerful being. This powerful being is assumed to be supremely good and is known as an almighty creator. The idea that this almighty creator is a self-existent being was explained by St. Anselm. He familiarizes this being as being the creator in stating that nothing comes from nothing, therefore we must have a powerful being which created us. Another recognition of this powerful being concerns his independence. This supreme being does not abide by physical law and is not subjected to being in multiple places at the same time. This theistic God is overall believed to have all moral goodness and has supreme intelligence. Although these beings all believe in this all powerful being, they all worship and celebrate him in differents

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