What Citizenship Means For The United States Essay

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Explain what citizenship means to you. Do NOT copy and paste a definition. What do you really think it means to be a citizen of the United States? How is being a U.S. citizen the same or different from being a citizen of Ohio, Reynoldsburg (that is my local community) and Metro? Be specific here. Give examples. Put in pictures to emphasize points.
To me citizenship means belonging somewhere, having a place in a country that needs you (maybe not you specifically but you as in people/citizens).
I think to being a citizen of the united states should mean that you take advantage of the opportunities you are being given, like freedom of speech/religion (something many others are fighting for and are persecuted over) and voting/living in a democracy.
Being a U.S. citizen isn 't much different than being an Ohio citizen because for both I have the rights listed in the Constitution. But being a U.S. citizen is much different than being a Metro citizen because for the U.S. there is currently next to nothing that I can do (I only pay sales tax and that mostly goes to state government), nothing that I should do.
Unlike for Metro, where there is a practically never ending list of things to do. An example would be to come on time everyday, in dress code, ready to submit assignments with my necessary tools like laptop, pencil, and paper.

What are the rights and responsibilities of citizenship? List and explain at least 3 rights and 3 Responsibilities of Citizenship on the…

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