What Character Virtues Does Neil Embody? What Evidence Do You See For Each Virtue You Select?

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1. Based on the case description, what character virtues does Neil embody? What evidence do you see for each virtue you select?
Neil embodies a variety of character virtues in this text. First, he is very ambitious. He has strong desire for success. His love for his family motivates him for many of his accomplishments. He wants to protect his mother and younger sister and help them to get out of their impoverished African- American and into an area of greater safety and opportunities. He also shows commitment during his time at the University of Nebraska. Even though, he did not get a lot of playing time, he would spend extra hours at the gym and work with a personal training staff to help advance his footwork and his agility in order to earn his position on the field. He is very considerate college athlete because he never takes his talents for granted and always put the team first. He is excellent on the field and in class as well. He is very hopeful because he knows that if he goes to college and play sports, he will be able to achieve his goals.
2. What aspects of Neil’s behavior relate to intrinsic motivation? What are some that relate to extrinsic motivation? Which of these do you think dominate his behavior? Why?
An intrinsic motivation for Neil’s behavior is his love for sports. Since he was little, I assume that he enjoyed playing basket and football because he excelled in both when he was in high school. An extrinsic motivation from this behavior is that he always…

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