What Changes Have You Experienced? How You Think About The People You Served?

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1. What changes have you experienced in how you think about the people you served?
For my service project, I was able to work one-on-one with children who are or have been abused or neglected in the county of Tulare. I was also able to work with the people who are involved in making CASA possible such as my supervisor and even the judge and others at the Juvenile Justice Center in Visalia. After completing my service project with CASA, the changes that I experienced in how I think about the people that I have served was such as positive and rewarding experience since I was able to help and guide the children of God that did not have their parents, families, or even a friend to talk to or play with. By serving the children that I volunteered to work with, I was able to provide them with love and support, while ensuring that the child’s needs were being met.
With the children that I was able to work with, I was also working with the foster parents, especially with the infants. The foster parents that I worked with are pastors at the local neighborhood church, so that was very interesting to me. I never really thought about foster parents and their duties, however, they truly are amazing people as they spend their own time, giving their homes to children who are less fortunate and need a roof over their head. I was blessed to be introduced to the foster parents that I was assigned to, as they gave me a better understanding of why they do what they do, which is caring for…

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