What Changes Has The Practice Of Ministry Had On Your Interpretation Of The Holy Spirit?

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Question #1: What changes has the practice of ministry had on your interpretation of (a) the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and (b) the work of the Holy Spirit? Beside my grandmother, front pew on the preacher’s right, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Ocala, Florida (hereafter referred to as St. Mark’s). That’s where I began to confess the Lordship of Jesus. In the earliest formative years of my life, I stood with those precious folks and recited, “I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord”… “I believe in the Holy Spirit” (emphasis mine). I confessed those words with my mouth, but believing them in my heart has been a long journey (Rom. 10:9-10). Looking back now I understand that even then the Holy Spirit was at work in prevenient ways.
Pastor Holland Vaughn and the people of St. Mark’s gathered around me at my infant baptism. Together they took responsibility to surround me “with a community of love and forgiveness” that I would be guided to know Jesus as my Lord. They stepped into the gap of loss in my life when I was an orphan. They fed me through their never-ending potlucks, and loved me into the reality of Jesus’ Lordship. Nevertheless, I turned away and wrought devastating consequences upon myself. Alcohol became my lord—it mastered me—until I encountered Christ on a jailhouse floor. Today Jesus is my Lord, he is my master, I belong to him, my life is dependent on him. I’ve given my life in imitation of him. I start with my personal…

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