Essay on What Causes The Pain Sensation Of Pain

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Throughout my life I always have been driven by challenges and curiosity. Sadly, this curiosity that has led me to study science has also resulted in many injuries. As a child, I would venture out and it seems that when I did the result was always the same: a broken bone. From my finger to my femur, I have broken quite a number of bones. It started when I was eight and forced to wear a cast longer than my leg due to the multiple breaks and it led me to wonder what causes the unbearable sensation of pain. On select days, a different degree of pain reminds me which bones I shattered and still ponder the reason for the sensation of this pain; however, now my curiosity lies with the more scientific approach rather than the simple answer that it is broken. With more schooling, I quickly learned that the only way to embrace the answers to these questions is by the way of science. Additionally, the only way to find these specific answers is through research, which brings me to where I am now. My first semester as a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I joined Dr. Christina Ruby’s research lab in order to gain experience in the thought provoking field of neuroscience. This research strongly focuses on circadian rhythms, with an emphasis on the effects of caffeine and alcohol addiction. Before any experimentation was conducted, it was necessary to build the lab from scratch being that this was my advisor’s first year. This showed me the very early struggles of…

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