What Causes Romantic Relationships Break Up? Essay

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What causes romantic relationships to break up?

One of the main goals in life is to find the right partner. These goals appear everywhere whether it is from television, books, i.e. fairy tale. We have our own idea of a perfect relationship; we look for those who is understanding, compassionate, thoughtful, and sensitive. At a young age, we see is what we believe, whether it is the idea from fairy tales, or “happy ending”. As we get older, we try to seek these “idea” of fairy tales, so finding a prince charming and living happily after after, but however, it never works to our advantage. Its simple, nothing last forever. When was the last time you heard or witnessed marriages that last more than 20 years, or yet, forever? There are many reasons as to why romantic relationship are not forever; for starters, lack of communication, broken trust, lack of time, dedication, effort, patient, and more. Firstly, lack of communication comes from the misunderstanding from both party. Often these reason lead to large problems. From Deborah Tannen perspectives, she says, “Most divorced women cite poor communication as a major contributor to their divorces. Few men even mention it as a factor” (cite). Basically, Deborah points out women are responsible for wrecking romantic relationship. She adds: “although, men tend to talk more than women in public situations, they often talk less at home. And this pattern is wrecking havoc with marriage” (cite). She explains that men can be at…

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