What Causes Poverty Within The United States Economy Essay

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There are in fact different individuals and groups that have different views on what causes poverty in a society and how to fix the problem so that the United States economy can flourish. But, in order to properly address the cause of poverty, one must know what poverty is. Poverty is the state in which families or individuals are extremely poor. And what is meant by extremely poor is by having little to no money, food, or any means of support in general that is necessary for sustaining good health. As stated before, there are many individuals and groups who have ideas and views of what the cause of poverty is, for example Liberal Views and Conservative views. Generally a democratic view and a republican view on what causes poverty in a society. These two views have theories that sometimes clash with each other and sometimes can cause difficulties when it comes to finding the cause of poverty in society. Though none of the two is right or wrong, each of the two views have views that could help certain situations, but also have other views that aren’t so popular.
To break the two views down, a liberal view on what causes poverty is that individual behavior induces poverty and that external forces in our economy also promote poverty (Cochran et al. 202). Emphasizing on liberal views, they simply believe that certain individuals in certain areas have more opportunities than other individuals in another area. They believe that individuals who are employed at entry-level jobs…

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