What Caused The Dust Bowl? Essay

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The dust bowl, also know as the dirty thirties, was a period in the thirties with severe dust storms that damaged the ecology and agriculture of the United States and Canadian prairies. The question is what caused the Dust Bowl? There are so many theories out on the internet that i’m going to get three secondary sources to conclude what historians really think what caused the dust bowl. Historian Donald Worster wrote an article called Surviving the Dust Bowl. The article is about the causes of the Dust Bowl. Historian Noel Sander wrote the article called Out of the Dust , this article is about a description of the dust bowl, and what caused it. I’m going to write about what Noel thought about what caused the Dust Bowl. “ Donald Worster grew up in Western Kansas, where his parents and grandparents grew up. There had been some dust storms here and there but nobody would have expected the long going storm of the thirties. Indians came around telling people to leave the grass alone and to leave it where it is. But most of the people living in the area didn’t care what the indians had to say they all wanted to fulfill the dream of the future by using the grass land as farming land. In about the 1920’s there had been warnings about the soil eroding, but people thought by erosion they meant rainfall, or water erosion. They would have never in a million years thought of the dust bowl. Now the question that Donald asks is will the dust bowl occur again? Here’s what he said to…

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