Essay on What Caused The Civil War?

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What caused the Civil War in America? Alexis de Tocqueville answers, “If ever America undergoes great revolutions, they will be brought about by the presence of the black race on the soil of the United States; that is to say, they will owe their origin, not to the equality, but to the inequality of condition.” It is evident that Tocqueville noticed the different perceptions on slavery, but he did not know the different perceptions of slavery would associate according to regions of the Union: North and South. The North believed that slaves should be emancipated, whereas the South believed slavery should continue. However, to notice the eventual conflict between the North and South regarding slavery, we must see the change the Union has experienced in the years prior to the Civil War. Before the Civil War, the Union was unified under Andrew Jackson’s Democratic Party which eliminated the idea of parties being associated regionally. However, as the years progressed, the polarization between the North and the South grew. Through Federal acts such as the Compromise of 1850, and actions of individuals as in The Dred Scott case, polarization of regions was inevitable. The outbreak of the Civil War occurred due to the diverging beliefs of the people from the people’s reaction on Federal acts.
One of the causes of the Civil War was the Compromise of 1850, which was perhaps the most important bill because it allowed people to voice their opinions for or against slavery. To…

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