What Career Is The Best Option For Me Essay

1097 Words Nov 7th, 2015 5 Pages
After a long and thorough search for what career I was going to potentially pursue, I came to the conclusion that becoming an I/O Psychologist would be the best option for me. There are a few reasons why this career became an interest of mine. First off, by becoming an I/O Psychologist I will actually be able to make a change in the world and help people. An I/O Psychologist spends their time helping the people within large corporations work more cohesively. By doing this, I could potentially help these large companies be more productive, which would lead to them creating content or materials that would be beneficial to society. Making a positive impact on our society in any way is something that I am always more than happy to do, but if I can pursue the career of I/O Psychology, I could potentially be doing this while making an income. Having a career where I can help our world and be happy doing it is something that I strongly prefer and that is exactly why I chose to become an I/O Psychologists. Although this sounds like an ideal career for me, there could be some potential drawbacks. For example, it could be very realistic that if I become an I/O Psychologist that I would be called upon to work in big corporate work environments and it is fairly obvious that these places are very fast paced and usually stressful. Work in I/O Psychology could also be fairly tedious as there are many steps to developing proper research that has to be submitted to the CEO’s and COO’s of…

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