What Car Culture Is Composed Of Old Men Obsess Over Cars Essay

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A bunch of old men obsessing over cars that they have bought and built, that is the typical idea of what car culture is comprised of. But what most people don’t consider, is how many women are involved in the culture, not including the women that show up to car shows with their boyfriends or husbands. Because this fact is overlooked, all women are discredited on their knowledge and general interest in cars. Being the “unknowledgeable” car person that I am, I take pride in my hobby. I have always been surrounded by cars and the culture that comes along with it. My grandpa collected classic cars, which I hated, because that meant that every weekend meant another car show. As a toddler, I was dragged to each show, every weekend, and every summer. I wanted nothing more than to go home and play with my friends, so I would take a nap at every show hoping that they’d get the hint and take me home. I was oblivious to the fact that I was where wanted to be all along.
Once I was a little older I figured I’d learn a little about these cars to pass the time, I mean I was there anyways so why not? And that’s all it took. I fell in love with everything about those car shows: the cars, the people, and the atmosphere. Each car show made me more and more excited for the next weekend of showing. As a preteen, I was accepted into the culture with open arms, everyone was impressed with my knowledge. How could such a young girl find interest and that much knowledge about something as manly and…

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