What Can You Help And Who Should I Help First? Essay

758 Words Nov 20th, 2015 4 Pages
As Lorde sings in her song Royals, money is being spent on jet planes, islands, [and] tigers on a gold leash.” There are millions of people starving in this world. There are millions of homeless people in this world. There are children who would do anything for an actual toy, for an education, and even just a new pair of shoes. In our community there are also people who are starving, homeless, and poor. They need the same resources to survive as the people around the world do. What can I do to help, and who should I help first? In times of need, our families are there to help us no matter what happens. But, for a lot of people that is not always the case. Sometimes, there is no one around to help them, and sometimes, the only help a person will get is from a stranger. It is very difficult to decide whether to help those in the community versus those around the world. It is hard to determine who needs more help and who needs the most help. I think that I would be more willing to give to those in my community because they would be more willing to help me when I need it. My parents are from India, and I grew up in America. However, I would also be more inclined to help starving and homeless children in India versus the same in Africa. This has nothing to do with discrimination. I want to help my people because I have a connection to them, religiously and culturally. The question is who should I help first because both my actual community and distant community are close to…

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