Essay on What Can You Ever Witnessed Someone Go Through A Breakup?

1778 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Have you ever witnessed someone go through a breakup? Perhaps you have experienced one yourself? Just like falling in love, break ups are amongst the most common journeys in life an individual will most likely have to experience within their lifetime. Unfortunately, being in a relationship doesn’t always work out as planned. Depending on certain factors, ending a relationship can have some serious consequences on individuals, specifically on college students. Breakups can reassure a person of who they are, raise their self-esteem, increase their motivation to succeed in future goals, and really look for an individual with the same values as themselves. Sadly, this is not always the case. A breakup can lower a person’s self-esteem, increase stress, have unstable emotions, increase the use of drugs and/or alcohol, suppress themselves into unhealthy eating habits, increase the possibility of depression, and even have suicidal thoughts. Being a college student myself, I have been surrounded by fellow students who have experienced a breakup at least once. Trying to comprehend their reactions and emotions to ending a relationship fascinated me. Being exposed to a diverse university, I was able to attain information on how certain factors play a role in a student’s response to this specific situation. To further examine the negative effects a breakup has on college students, there will be various studies incorporated in this research paper. The studies used will specifically…

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