Essay on What Can You Eat Avocados?

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If the only time you eat avocados is when you go out for Mexican, you are seriously missing out. Avocados have been called one of nature’s most delicious superfoods, and for good reason: they contain an embarrassing amount of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for our optimum health.
They also offer the good kind of fat our bodies need - monounsaturated fat — which we can easily burn for energy. Monounsaturated fats are also fantastic glycemic controllers, so if you’re diabetic, you will definitely want to start eating more of these green gems.
But there are far more benefits the simple, sometimes-unappreciated avocado offers to our health.
1. They Boast a Large Number of Essential Vitamins and Minerals
We already talked about containing the good fats, but there are plenty more essential nutrients avocados offer in just a 100 gram serving:
• Pantothenic acid: 42%
• Fiber: 40%
• Vitamin K: 35%
• Copper: 31%
• Folate: 30%
• Potassium: 21%
• Vitamin C: 20%
All of these nutrients help lessen your chance of developing illnesses and disease. So go whip up a batch of guacamole and come on back and keep reading.
2. Tons of Potassium
If you read our blog post about 3 of the most powerful nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, then you would have read about the critical role potassium plays in keeping our hearts and minds and other organs functioning properly as we age. Well, avocados actually contain more potassium than bananas. While bananas provide 12% of your RDA of…

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