What Can You Do With A Student? Essay

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Although I have encountered several obstacles in my teaching career, there is one that I believe is the hardest to solve. Motivation. What do you do with a student who is capable of so much more, but is simply unmotivated? How can you reach this student who lacks intrinsic motivation, which is so vital for success? Success that you know this student can achieve. It breaks your teacher heart to see so much potential go to waste. I have had students like this and I am going to tell you about what worked for one and will hopefully work for others.
Engagement. This is a buzz word in the education sector. As a teacher, you want your students engaged and excited about what they are learning. That is the ultimate goal. Students who are engaged will be motivated to do their best because they are interested and involved in their learning. I’ve got three words for you: Whole Brain Teaching. If you don’t know what it is, look it up because it is a game changer! Whole Brain Teaching is a technique that incorporates all the parts of the brain into your teaching. The idea is that students are talking more than you are! Whole Brain involves lots of movements, chants, motions, and discussion between students. My unmotivated student who used to just sit there in class and not give much effort was doing the motions with us and would participate in discussions using Whole Brain methods. Whole Brain makes this so fun he didn’t even realize the amount of learning they are doing. This has made…

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